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What our students are saying:

Denise Mena

new jersey
"Tuve la oportunidad de ser parte de su primer clase y fue la mejor inversión que pude haber hecho. Me dieron todas las herramientas para llevar mi emprendimiento a otro nivel. Desde gama de colores, precios, logística y hasta un poco de contabilidad, eso y mucho! 
Gracias por siempre dar todo en sus clases Dolly y Eduardo, siempre compartiendo todos sus conocimientos a nosotros sus alumnos."

Cecilia Briseño

New JErsey
"If you want to learn the balloon techniques, you should take one of the many classes that BalloonPreneur Academy has to offer. 
Dolly and Eduardo are great teachers. They will absolutely steer you in the right direction regarding the balloon business.
I took one of her unique organic balloon garland classes and let me tell you that there is a huge “before and after” effect when you take this class. 
Dolly is the queen of organic balloon garlands. There is no other setup as the DElloons setup!"

Renee McGill

New Jersey
"The Dynamic Dual - Dolly and Eddie. I have taken several classes we them and I am ALWAYS impressed with their style of teaching. The passion that they have for the Balloon Industry and wanting others to be successful shines through. You will learn everything from the proper technique of inflating balloons to pricing your design. I encourage you to take a class with this couple - you will not be disappointed"

Tantanisha Bottoms

 New York
"I’ve taken 2 classes because they were informative and knowledge based with hands on experience. I recommend it to others who want to go to the next level in their craft. It was a pleasure working along side at the First New York City Balloon Ball!!"
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